Cancer et médecines non-conventionnelles: engageons le dialogue

Quand? 19.10.2013


08h30-09h00 - Welcome

09h00-09h15 - Introduction - Prof. Janos Frühling (Honorary secretary of the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine) & Dr. Karin Rondia (Medical director Foundation against Cancer)

09h15-09h30 - Mevr. Laurette Onkelinx, Minister van Sociale Zaken en Volksgezondheid

09h30-10h00 - Prof. Robert Jütte (University of Stuttgart) Why did German physicians call for a Dialogue Forum for Pluralism in Medicine?

10h00-10h30 - PhD Lydie Meheus (Reliable Cancer Therapies) Reliable Cancer Therapies: an inspiring initiative and a rigorous methodology

10h30-10h40 - Questions & Answers

10h40-11h00 - Coffee break

11h00-11h30 - Dr. Eleni Tsiompanou (NHS, Kingston Hospital London and Princess Alice Hospice) Experience from an integrative oncology unit

11h30-12h00 - Prof. Norbert Fraeyman (University of Ghent) Risks of interaction and incompatibilities between classical and non-conventional therapies in cancer

12h00-12h15 - Dr. Ivo Nagels and Mevr. Eva de Winter (Belgian Foundation against Cancer) Presentation of the initiatives of the Foundation in regard to non-conventional medicines

12h15-13h00 - Brainstorming about the future - Belgian Dialogue-Forum

13h00 - Walking dinner