Online training in travel medicine for general practitioners

Online training in travel medicine for general practitioners

Où? En ligne

Quand? 01.07.2023 au 01.10.2023

The Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp offers a free online training in preventive travel medicine. In just 30 minutes, participants learn which aspects should be discussed during a travel consultation. General practitioners receive 0.5 general medicine accreditation points after participating.

Summer vacation has begun. How can physicians best prepare their patients for a healthy trip? This free online training in preventive travel medicine provides the tools needed to make an initial risk assessment and provide subsequent advice.

On an adventure in Thailand

The online module consists of six sections that provide a general overview of travel advice, mosquito-borne diseases, vaccine-preventable diseases and tips for traveling healthily. In the case study, "On an Adventure in Thailand," participants go through a travel consultation.

Wanda: from African tick fever to swimmer's ear

An indispensable tool before and during any trip is Wanda, the ITG's travel medicine website and app. Here travelers can find the latest health risks and advice by country. Once installed, the app is also available offline. There is also Wanda for doctors, which contains specific information for doctors who provide travel consultations.

Lifelong learning

The ITG is offers a range of training in tropical medicine and international public health, including continuing education on specific topics such as HIV, travel medicine, sexually transmitted diseases and good clinical practice.

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The training is in Dutch.